Software projects

This page groups some of the most interesting software development projects I worked on during my professional career and spare time.

Urgency Messaging (@Groupon)

This project was entirely developed by a small engineering team based in Dublin, Ireland and I had the pleasure to be part of this initially as a software engineer and then as a team lead.

If you visit any  available deal on, web or mobile, you will see messages like “1,000+ viewed today“, “Selling fast!” or “45 viewing right now“.  Here are some examples extracted from the Groupon app on iOS:

These are real-time urgency messages produced by the  Urgency Messaging (UMS) API. We developed UMS API at Groupon using Spring Boot and Java 8. The API aggregates information coming from other Groupon internal services which are based on Apache Storm topologies consuming clickstream data.  The front-end was developed by specialised teams for Android and iOS, which are based in Palo Alto (CA), and desktop/mobile web, based in Chicago (IL).


The following video is the graphical outcome of the thesis project for my Master’s degree in Computer Science at University of Salerno (2009).  A mix of real time computer animation, parallel computing (GPU) and classical music results in a explosion of moving objects and colors. For sources and executables, please visit the BehaveRT Github page.

Lump 3D videogame

Again, during my Master’s at University of Salerno I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: develop a videogame as final test for a University class. I invented the “swarm-based” game concept:


Fish school simulation

I developed a C++ library to create real-time simulations (BehaveRT) and one of its the examples of usage is depicted in the following video. The publication that backed this project allowed me to spend one year in Princeton University.



During an interdisciplinary project, I developed a ray-casting engine to simulate the field of view of fish swimming in groups. I added some graphics and music and this is the result:

3D Animation

Not much related to software development, the following video shows my first (and last) 3D Studio Max experience with animation. More 3D  images on my Flickr account.


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