Unforgettable window on the blue sky

I am going to rememberFullSizeRender that window forever.

The house was OK, the room was nice, but that window was something more.

When the sky was blue, I used to spend hours looking at it and through it. It made me deeply feel the greatness and the beautifulness of life, humanity and nature, all in that small blue square.

Sometimes a bird would suddenly appear on a side of the window and then briefly disappear on the other. Or a plane would draw a line that would cut off an angle of the blue square. Or a cloud would slowly and relentlessly fill the square with pure white or grey shadows. Life, humanity and nature would be there for me to watch and think and meditate about it.

I will always remember that room, that house, that city for that window. Thank you, whoever you built it, for unknowingly giving me that simple and overwhelming experience.


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